Incredibox currently has 6 versions (Excluding The Original), These versions are: Alpha, Little Miss, Sunrise, The Love, Brazil, and Alive. A new version seems to be in production featuring some sort of Indian-inspired theme, though this is not confirmed.

V1: The Original Edit

The first version of the Incredibox app that runs on flash. There are 5 categories, Instruments, Percussions, Voices, Effects, and Choruses. The art style in this version is similar to the modern version but with slight changes. This is one of only two versions to not have Incredibox avatars in the specials

V1: Alpha Edit

The Alpha was a remastered version of V1: The Original. Slight sound changes had been made and the categories were changed to four and it adopted the new Incredibox avatar. This is the only other version to not have Incredibox avatars in the specials

V2: Little MissEdit

Little Miss was released in 2012. It was inspireed by the Hip-Hop music genre. The version retained the monochromatic color scheme of The Original but had four categories (Beats, Effects, Melodies, and Voices) as opposed to 5.

In the PC version, the icons are multicolored, but in the app, they are grey.

The Effects wear baseball caps, The Effects wear sideways baseball caps, the Melodies wear fedoras, and the voices wear tweed caps and tipped fedoras

V3: Sunrise Edit

Sunrise was released in 2013. It is the first version of Incredibox to feature colored avatars. This version was inspired by pop music of the time. It also has four categories.

It has green beats, blue effects, red melodies, and yellow voices.

V4: The Love Edit

The Love was released in 2014. This version was inspired by more modern forms of music, though it is not specifically stated of what genre. This is the first version of Incredibox where two avatars (first beat and first effect) are required for all bonuses.

It has yellow beats, light blue effects, red melodies, and dark blue voices.

V5: Brazil Edit

Brazil was released in 2016. It is inspired by Brazilian music. This version's specials are sung entirely sung in Portuguese. This was the first version of Incredibox to be exclusive to the Incredibox app.

It has yellow beats, blue effects, green melodies, and red voices.

V6: Alive Edit

Alive was released in 2018. It seems to be inspired by Japanese music, and modern forms of rap and pop music. It is also exclusive to the app, and has three bonuses.

It has blue beats, purple effects, red melodies, and orange voices.