Alive is the 6th version of Incredibox available both on iOS and Android. This version is based on Japan and has three bonuses.


Japan Flag Hat: He does a kick sound. Unlike the others, he makes beats in a pattern.

Roundish Hat/Crazy Eyeballs: He makes a t-t-t sound with a snare.

Teddy Bear Hat/Pill Shirt: He makes "dom-dom-ku-dom" sounds.

Fox Mask: He makes clicking sounds.

Cyclops Glass: He makes "dom-dom dom-dom dom-dom" sounds at the end of every loop.


Electric Headphones: He makes a CV little buzz sound that sounds like an electric guitar.

Robot: He makes robot noises like "Phew!"

Owl Eyes: He says "Whoop!”

Seal Mouth: He makes a slow robotic whistling sound that sounds like a bassoon as the first one.

Virtual Reality Headset: He makes a fast banjo sound.


Samurai Hat: He made a bass sound like the urban jap that plays the kick.

Headband: He says "oo-oo-oo-oo oo-oo-oo-oo" a lot more times.

Cat Ears/ Furry Suit: He laughs but singing.

ZigZag Collar/Horn Hat: He says "wooooooooooooooooo!" He holds his sound in sustain mode.

Demon Mask: He says 'AAAAH!' franticly at maximum volume.


Rapper Suit: He says, "You better hurry. Now, better. Better. Yeah. Hurreh hurreh!"

Round Glasses: He says, 'If I already do.. I'm still working on my skills!"

Striped Headband: He says with autotune, "YOoooooohh.. ah my control."

Fox suit: He laughs but singing.

Square Sunglasses: He makes the noise, "Wah-oh-wa-oh.. Ouh-ho-hoho-ho."


Bonus 1:

Bonus 2:

Bonus Combinations:

Bonus 1: Fourth Beat, First Effect, Fourth Effect, Fourth Melody, Third Voice,

Bonus 2: First Beat, Second Beat, Third Effect, First Melody, First Voice

Bonus 3: Third Beat, Third Effect, First Melody, Second Melody, Fifth Voice