Since the original Incredibox has different categories for it's sounds, they will be listed here rather than the main sound pages.

Instruments Edit

The first instrument is a guy saying 'noo, nunga-nunga' multiple times. The second is a guy saying 'ow, ow-wow', and the third is a guy imitating a trumpet.

Percussions Edit

The first percussion is simply beatboxing and some bass. The second is a different variety of beatboxing. The third is clicking sounds.

Effects Edit

There are four different effects - a guy who says 'noo' repeatedly, which gets louder and turns to 'nah', a guy who imitates record scratches, a guy who does popping sounds, and a guy who trills.

Chorus Edit

There are only two chorus members. One says "How...", and the other chants and changes pitch.

Voices Edit

One of the voices says "I can get you everything you wanted to because I know." The other says "You... tell me the right thing... Oh-oh..."

Trivia Edit

  • The guys in the original have shorter hair than the other versions.
  • The icons for the Chorus members resemble apples.
  • In Alpha The Sounds Change:
  • The Instruments Were Renamed Melodies And Percussions Were Renamed Beats And Chorus Was Put In Voices Group. Effects is The Only Category That Not Been Renamed
  • Alpha Have Soft Echoes
  • Beats: The First One Has The Bass Define. The Second One Has No Mmm Mmm Sounds. And The Third One Is A Softer One
  • Effects: The First One Is Less Downtune.The Second One Is More Define. The Third One Has Moved To Beats And Have More Beatbox Backround Sounds. And The Fourth One Trills Once Per Loop.
  • Melodies: The First One Almost The Same. The Second One Has No Pating Sounds. The Third One Is More Of A Actual Trumpet.
  • The Chorus And Voices;: The First One Sings Once And His Eyes Move. The Second One Has Beauty On Second Hmm. Third One Has Better Singing. Fourth One Has More Better Singing.