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This is the list of Melodies.

Version 1: Alpha

Alpha Melodies Incredibox.png

The melodies aren't colored. But they are faded from blue to teal.

  • Nugu: He wears a black shirt like every sound in Alpha. His sound goes from left to right is you wear headphones. He says,Nongo-nongo, nongo-nongo, n-nongo, nongo-nongo
  • Guit: He wears a black shirt. He says,Qiaw.. qawaw..
    • It also harmonizes with Hum, the second chorus
  • Tromp: He wears a black shirt. His sound is a trumpet sound.Tvuru-tvuru, tvuru-tvuru, tvuru-tvuru, tvuru-tvuru.
  • Pouin: He wears a black shirt. He is one of the sounds that wasn't from the Original version of Alpha.Po-paw-pa-pow, po-pa-po-pa-poh.
  • Tung: He wears a black shirt.His sound wasn't displayed in the Original version of Incredibox. His sound is a suspense sound.Tung-tung-tung-tung-tung - tuung.. TUNG. Tung-tung-tung-tung.

Version 2: Little Miss


The hat theme of the melodies are Homburg hats. And the icons of the melodies are faded from blue to teal.

  • Nananana: Wears a scarf and a sweater. He emits the sound of Na-na-na repeatedly in an action super hero movie tone, then changes on the second loop to Na.. na-na.. NA!. He also makes Sitar with a Little Bit of stereo sounds.
  • Pelololu is wearing a pendant necklace. He is wearing an open necktie with what possibly could be another shirt underneath.  He has rolled up sleeves. If you look closely at his mouth, it looks a little different. He makes the sound in a high-pitched voice: "Beda-bedeh-buh. Beh-da bu-be dudu-eh."
  • Siffle is wearing a bandana and a shirt with black rolled up sleeves. He whistles in the tune of the bonus, "Why This World".
  • Tatouti is also wearing a leather jacket with an undershirt. He emits the sound: "Da do de do da do de do da do de do" that changes in pitch in both loops. He makes Sitar Sounds Just Like Melody 1, But with a more Sitar vibe.
  • Tvutvutvu is wearing a sweater with a collar and an undershirt. He makes a trumpet sound.

Version 3: Sunrise

V3 Melodies.png

The melodies are red. They are based on the culture of the American continent (around 1600-1800).

  • Tu has a sun god eye mask and a poncho. He makes a sound similar to the second effect. The first note is just on but when Daft plays the third verse, it's been silent then comes back when Daft plays.
  • Indien wears a North American Indian costume with a headdress. He does a "OoooWoooOoohWoooh" sound.
  • Armo wears an old western bandit-themed costume, having a hat, and with a scarf around his mouth. He makes a kazoo noise similar to a mute trumpet.
  • Clav wears an Inca or Maya tribe headband, big earrings and a patterned poncho. He sings, "beck" like a funk guitar four times a pitch, sounding like a chicken. He makes sitar sound on a technically.
  • Siffle has an ear flap with tassels and a camper shirt. He whistles in the bonus tune, "Lil Child"

Version 4: The Love


These are red. secondary color being indigo.

  • Toun wears fly eye glasses similar to glasses worn by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, a watch on his left arm, and a retro jacket with a zipper. He makes a noise that sounds like the word 'dum' repeatedly. It fades into robotic sounds toward the end of the verse.
  • (he has the hat as his symbol in axe boat)
  • Flute wears a captain's hat with a heart, floaties on his arms and a tank top with a smiling pair of red lips. He makes flute noises by singing "fah fah fah" in a high-pitched voice. This Melody's tune also happens to be the tune of the second bonus, "Follow".


  • Neou has a visor and a vest with lapels and with a striped undershirt. He says "neoun" in a Sitar voice.
  • Hu has a beanie, a t-shirt with a hand making a peace sign, and sunglasses. He says, 'hoo' in a high-pitched voice repeatedly, sounding like an owl.
  • Ah has a jacket with a tie, and what resembles officer sunglasses. He sings in a robotic voice like "Aah-Aah-Aah-Aah-Aah-Aah-." repeatedly then does the thing Kick would do at the end of the second loop.

Version 5: Brazil

The melodies are ,lime green secondary color being red-orange.


  • Parimba has a Brazilian carnival eye mask with feathers, a cape, and a tank top with the Brazilian flag on the right side. He sings "ma-reem-abaa" in a Sitar vocal.
  • Coloko has a flamenco outfit and a hat with a knotted band. He sings (probably in Portuguese) "Eeee, yao co ca cun, yao cocacacun, yao cocacacun..." with an effect that sounds like he's singing through an old radio.
  • Clav has rounded sunglasses with stars on the rims and a lei. He says "dup" ¨dep¨ and "dey" multiple times as a sitar.
  • Tromp wears a crown with feathers and a poncho-ish suit with a strap going around, He makes a high trumpet sound that is similar to the melody of Clav.
  • Trompolo has aviator sunglasses, a fedora with a feather and a suit and a flower and a striped undershirt. He makes a low trumpet sound in the tune of Coloko.

Version 6: Alive


The melodies are bright red. Secondary color is dark purple.

  • Basse has a samurai helmet and a jacket with pockets. He made a bass sound like the first beat that sounds like "
  • Hou has a knotted headband and a patterned shirt. He sings an arpeggio in the tune of the VR bonus.
  • Clav has a hoodie with cat ears and with a zipper. He makes a "dip dip dip dip (deep) dip (high pitch but not too high) dip (normal) dip," sound ( It goes somewhat along the tune of the VR bonus in Alive)
  • Synth has a suit with a zigzag pattern and a hat with horns that kind of looks like an Asian conical hat. He makes a humming synth sound at the start of every loop.
  • Yah has a Japanese demon mask (Hannya) And a t-shirt with a lightning bolt on it. He says: 'YAAAA-HAAAA!' in a nasal high-pitched voice frantically.

Version 7: Jeevan


The melodies are sky blue. Secondary color being red.

  • Citar is dressed like the Indian god Shiva, having body paint and also having a hair braid with a crescent shape which exposes his forehead, which has a Tripundra painted on it. He also wears a garland with a lot of beads. He makes sitar sounds.
  • Guit wears an Indian Ganesha elephant mask and a shirt with a necklace and towel on his right shoulder. He makes a distorted bass sound which is like a Didgeridoo. This sound is very similar to Bass
  • Tromp has a turban with a long tail, a bindi, and a coat with an undershirt and a collar. He makes trumpet sounds.
  • Taoung has rounded sunglasses, a beard, a suit with a pocket with a handkerchief and a spider web necklace. He makes water drop sounds that go like "tung" four times.
  • Sifle wears a Gandhi cap, a bindi, a kurta, and a scarf of some kind. He makes whistle sounds.

Bite-Size Beats

M&M Melodies.png

The hat theme are Fedora-like hats.

  • Deh wears a bucket hat. She makes a "du de du de" sound every loop.
  • Tromp wears a camper's hat or a firefighter hat. He makes trumpet sounds.
  • Dwu wears a winter hat. He makes a "do dwey do, do do dwey do." sound everytime.
  • Choir wears a hat identical to Tuk's. She choirs "huh, ha, huh, ha. ha, huh, hah, huh." the tune resembles Tromp's.
  • Tromper wears a fedora. He makes a fast trumpet sound at the half-loop
  • Tut wears a winter beanie. He makes a "tut tut tut tutut, doo" the "Doo" is autotuned.

Version 8: Dystopia

Melodies bot.PNG

  • Arpeg has a polygon robot helmet on, he also wears a cape or a cloak of any kind. He makes arpeggio sounds that get higher as it gets to the second loop. But on the second loop, the arpeggio sounds get lower and stops for 3 seconds.
  • Tromp wears an attire that cover his torso and arms. He also wears a futuristic earflap with tassels that cover his ears with a futuristic bucket hat around the earflap.
  • Pizzi wears a futuristic viking helmet. He also wears a suit with a diamond in the center. He makes robotic monitoring sounds, the monitoring sounds sound more like insect sounds.
  • Organ wears a rhombus suit. He has a tablet with four pads on it that covers his mouth. He makes flute organ sounds. His sounds are somewhat like Arpeg's.
  • Synth wears an outfit with a hoodie. He also has a mechanical mouthguard put on his mouth. He makes synth piano notes. On the second loop, the sound goes deep at the final 3 seconds.