This is the list of Melodies.

Version 1: Alpha Edit

The melodies aren't colored. But however they are faded from blue to teal.
Alpha Melodies Incredibox
  • The first melody goes "Noo Nunga Nunga" multiple times.
  • The second melody goes "Ow Owow" multiple times.
  • The third melody makes trumpet sounds.
  • The fourth melody goes "Bah-bo-buh Bada Buh-badow" in a slightly altered voice.
  • The fifth melody makes "Dew Dum Dew Dum do-do do-do" noises.

Version 2: Little Miss Edit

The color of the melodies are faded from blue to teal.

  • The first is wearing a scarf. and a forwards fedora like all the others, He emits the sound of many nanas The nanas change on the second loop.
  • The second is wearing a pendant necklace. He is wearing an open necktie with what possibly could be another shirt underneath.  He has rolled up sleeves. If you look closely at his mouth, it looks a little different. He makes the sound in a high pitched voice: "Beda-bedeh-buh. Beh-da bu-be dudu-eh."
  • The third is wearing a bandanna with black rolled up sleeves. He whistles in the tune of the bonus, "Why This World".
  • The fourth is also wearing an open neck-tie. It has 2 layers. He emits the sound: "Da-de-daduh-da-deh" that changes in pitch.
  • The fifth is wearing a suit, without a tie. He makes a trumpet like sound.

Version 3: Sunrise Edit

The melodies are red. They're based off the "sun".

  • The first one has a sun mask and a strip shirt. He makes a sound similar to the second effect. The first note is just on but when the second effect plays the third verse, it's been silent then comes back when the second effect plays.
  • The second one wears an indian costume. He does a "OoooWoooOoohWoooh" sound.
  • The third one wears a bandit costume. He hums differently as the first effect. He hums.
  • The fourth one wears another indian tribe coustume. He sings "dip" in a indian voice, which sounds like an electric guitar.
  • The last one has a great camper with a beanie. He whistles in the tune of the bonus, "Little Child".

Version 4: LoveEdit

These are red.

  • The first melody is a guy with retro glasses. He makes a noise that sounds like the word 'bloom' repeatedly. It fades into digital sounds toward the end of the verse.
  • The second is a guy in a captain's hat, with floaties on his arms. He sings "whoo-hoo" in a high-pitched voice. The song is identical for the first three times, but changes on the fourth.
  • The third guy has a visor, jacket, and striped shirt. He says 'owm' in a digitally altered voice.
  • The fourth guy has a beanie, t-shirt, and sunglasses. He says 'hoo' in a high-pitched voice repeatedly.
  • The final guy has a tie, jacket, and what resembles officer glasses. He sings in a digitally altered voice like "Aah-Aah-Aah-Aah-Ooo-ooo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo."

Version 5: Brazil Edit

The melodies are green.

  • The first one has a carnival mask. He sings "bah-dee-em-baas" multiple times.
  • the second one has a flamenco outfit. He says "gee-alito-coca-can" and repeats it without the "gee".
  • the third one has glasses and clothing. He says "dup" and ¨dep¨ multiple times.
  • the forth one has a tropical hat. He makes a trumpet sound.
  • the last one has sunglasses. He makes a trumpet sound in the tune of the second melody.

Version 6 AliveEdit

The melodies are red.

  • The first one has a samurai hat and wears a jacket. He made a bass sound like the first beat with the cap that plays the beats.
  • The second one has a headband. He has a patterned shirt. He says "oo-oo-oo-oo oo-oo-oo-oo" a lot more times.
  • The third one has cat ears and a funny suit. He makes a guitar sound.
  • The fourth one has a dragon outfit. He has a zigzag collar and a horn hat. He is wearing a shirt. His shirt matches his collar and his hat. He says "wooooooooooooooooo!" He holds his sound in sustain mode.
  • The fifth one has a demon mask. He wears a devil shirt with a bolt on it. He says 'AAAA!' franticly.