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This is the list of Effects.

Version 1: Alpha

Alpha Effects Incredibox.png

The effects aren't colored. But they're faded from dark green to light green.

  • Nounana: Repetitive "Nounou"s and "Nana"s.
  • Scratch: Record scratch sounds which sound like Donald Duck trying to scat.
  • Trill: Activated jackhammer sounds once each start of loop.
    • In Everything, he actually does it once each start of half loop.
  • Bass: "Bow, bee-boo", except in the 2nd half-loop, he says "Bow" twice.
  • Uh: Arpeggio-alike electric guitar noises.

Version 2: Little Miss

Screenshot 2018-07-18 INCREDIBOX V2 - Little Miss .png

The hat theme of the effects are sideways caps. And the icons are faded from red to yellow.

  • Poulll: Wears a dark-toned shirt, a thick wristband, and a necklace with three chains, the middle one thicker than the others. He does some repeatedly "do"s which sound alike to a bass sound if you hear closely
  • Tucati: Wears a light-tones shirt wired headphones, and a wristband. He does some clicking noises.
  • Tuilopta: Wears an open suit with a dark-toned undershirt, with sunglasses. He makes a sound: "Tuilopta-titap. DHOW." for the first loop and adds a "Dididodi".
  • Tululou: Wears 3D glasses and a baseball jersey-like shirt. He makes a "Doodu" fourfold each loop.
  • Tumttt: Wears a necklace and a basketball jersey that says "1" on it, with a thick wristband. He makes a "Doon-tsi-tsi-tsi-DOON (click), D'tsitsi-d'tsitsi (click)".

Version 3: Sunrise


The effects are blue. They have a futuristic theme.

  • Long: Wears sci-fi glasses and a spacesuit. He makes a long bass sound. His symbol is his visor.
  • Daft: Dressed like a robot. The robot head could be a mask because if you look, it's hair is sticking out. The robot mask has a line to monitor its effects. Its head has a brighter blue outlining on the top. The robot's head has a dot on its side. The top of the suit is blue but goes black. He makes beeping noises. His symbol is the mask.
  • Tududu: Wears headphones with a single antenna on the left side and a necktie, He makes do-do-do sounds, increasing in pitch, and lowers back down. His symbol is the headphones.
  • DaftII: Wears a neckerchief with a speaker on it, also monitoring the effect sound it makes. If you look closer at the blue circle, it doesn't look like a perfect circle, but that is alright. It seems to have cyan "tubes" sticking into the back if you look closely. He makes a rough distorted roar with the speaker vibing and accompanying the noises of the roar, sounding a bit like a duck roughly quacking. His symbol is the speaker.
  • Rythme: Wears a seeker on his left eye. He is also wearing a futuristic necktie-hoodie. His sound is similar to the first but has a little beat to it, in other words, it's a combination of a bass sound and a kick one. His symbol is his seeker.

Version 4: The Love


The effects are teal with a hint of red.

  • Bass: Has a snorkel on his face, a towel draped over his shoulders, a necklace and a pair of swim trunks. He makes muffled bass sounds which could be heard properly and changes key. His symbol is the snorkel.
  • Enigmatic: Has an eye visor and a suit with a tie and a flower attached. It sounds like he's singing "It's enigmatic, never feel alone." in a robotic pitch. His symbol is his visor. He bears some resemblance to Long in Sunrise.
  • Cry: Has a French sailor hat and a shirt with a symbol of sabers underneath a heart. He makes a whistling sound. His symbol is his hat.
  • Odoyouno: Has a robot outfit similar to Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of the duo Daft Punk. He makes digital sounds. His symbol is his mask.
  • Oua: Is a hipster. Wearing sunglasses, a bandana on his head, a beard, and a robe. He also has some tattoos and a wristband on his right arm. He makes a bellow and he says: "WOW! Doodoo-doodoo." His symbol is his sunglasses.

Version 5: Brazil


The effects are cyan with a hint of marigold.

  • Tek: Is a Gaucho. Wearing a hat with a band that has a triangle pattern and a suit with a neckerchief. He does a snare sound with some humming at the end of the half-loop.
  • Tuk: Is a Samba drummer, wearing a Panama hat and a shirt with a strap with a drum. He makes "tic", "tuc" and "cic" sounds.
  • Teung: Wears a beret, a shirt with a handkerchief in his pocket and a scarf. He does a digitally altered tone that sounds a lot like a Stratocaster. he sounds like this ding ding ding ding dingidingo
  • Ting: Appears to be a Caipira. Having sunglasses, a straw hat, and a patterned poncho. He makes a nice tone that sounds like a dulcimer.
  • Kougou: Has a floppy hat, a bandana around his neck, and an open suit. He makes a cuica sound.

Version 6: Alive


The effects are amethyst with a hint of dark orange.

  • CriBasse: Has headphones, a mechanic uniform with overalls and with the kanji radical for "dusk" (夕). He makes a short buzzing bass sound at the start of every loop.
  • Distout: Wears a robot helmet and a vest with an undershirt. He makes beeping sounds which also sound arpeggio-alike.
  • Screw: Has an owl eye mask and a hoodie with tiger patterns. He says: "DWOOP!”
  • Shaolin: Has a seal mouth mask with whiskers, a big nose and an oriental costume with a giant beaded necklace. He makes a bassoon sound.
  • Shower: Wears a PSVR headset, a T-shirt with an alien face and a watch on his right arm. He makes robotic plucking sounds.

Version 7: Jeevan


The effects are scarlet with a hint of yellow.

  • Bass: Sports a monkey mouth mask, resembling the Hindu god Hanuman, and an ancient-looking costume. He makes really strong bass noises.
  • Bourdon: Wears an earflap hat and a towel on his right shoulder, He makes Tanpura sounds.
  • Homeless Keemstar: Appears to be an Indian Hindu monk (Sadhu), Wearing a fuzzy headband with beads that exposes his forehead, which has a Tilaka painted on it. and beard with long dreadlocks also with beads. He also makes a Tanpura sound, albeit deeper sounding.
  • Kum: Has a weird looking turban, a Bindi and a royal outfit. He makes noises like he is singing "Cum!'' then he sings ''Braang!'' in echo sounds.
  • String: Is an Indian prince, wearing a turban with a gold triangle and also wears a royal outfit with a strap on his left shoulder, He hums with a deep, reverberating, mystical-sounding voice. (It's a Bass Sound.)

Version 8: Dystopia


The effects are grey/teal with a hint of either marigold, vermillion-orange or dark orange (not oak brown).

  • Bass: He wears a modernistic dark astronaut uniform. He does some bass sounds which also bond harmony with Atlanta.
  • Monk: As said in his page: He wears a modernistic suit which almost doesn't cover his shoulders, along with a mask with trinocular visors which only covers his nose. He does "hu ha, UH. DEH!" on the first loop. On the second loop he does "dap dap dap!" sounds and does a loud throat bass with a reverb that makes it a bit echoey. (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)
  • Sonar: He wears some baggy clothing and a monocular like radar on his eye. The monocular vibes to the noises as he goes "Doot"
  • Souffle: He wears a shirt with some rhombus and triangle patterns, along with a robotic jaw. He does quite direful screeches with his breath. Every time when his jaw expands, his eyes expands as well.
  • Epifle: Also as said in his page: He wears a visor with orange transparent glass and a suit with a vertical rectangle. He makes noises at the very end of the loop which sound like a plane departing to it's destination, later on with a cymbal-pitched "WHOAHP!" with an echo draining from the audio. At the end of the second loop, he makes a slow siren sound. He also fits perfectly with Souffle.

Bite-Size Beats

M&M Effects.png

The hats used in the effects are headphones.

  • Uwhacta: Makes a repetitive "uwhacta" sound every starting loop and then stops and echoes.
  • Tuku: Makes robot sounds like this wiw- tuku tuku tuku
  • Bom: Makes "bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom" sounds that echo when they end.
  • Siffle: Makes whistle sounds that also echo at the end.
  • Bass: makes "do-day-do-do-day-do" sounds.
  • Ooh: Does a desperate hoot (like "OOOooooooo..") that also echoes when it stops.