This is the list of Effects.

Version 1: Alpha Edit

The effects aren't colored. But they're faded from dark green to light green.
Alpha Effects Incredibox
  • The first effect goes: 'noonononnonnonononnahanahanhanah'.
  • The second effect makes record scratch sounds.
  • The third effect trills.
  • The fourth effect goes "Bow. Beeboo. Bow-bow. Beeboo".
  • The fifth effect goes "NnNnnnn N. NnN nnn..."

Version 2: Little Miss Edit

The color of these effects are faded from red to yellow.

  • The first is wearing a sideways cap, like all of the effect characters, He is wearing multiple chains. He makes a series of do-do-do-do-do-do sounds.
    Screenshot 2018-07-18 INCREDIBOX V2 - Little Miss
  • The second is wearing headphones with a cord sticking out of it, and a wristband, He makes a clicking sound.
  • The third is wearing an open suit, with glasses. He makes a sound: "De-dup-that-de-dup. Dow." for the first loop and adds a sound: "De-de-do-deh."
  • The fourth is wearing 3D glasses, and a tie like thing. He makes a dodo-dodo-dodo-dodo sound.
  • The fifth is wearing a necklace, and a tanktop that says "I' on it, with a wristband. He makes a do-do-doju-do and some clicking noises.

Version 3: Sunrise Edit

The effects are blue. They are based off the "future".

  • The first is wearing sci-fi glasses, and wears a "futuristic sweater" or what could be to look like a life jacket if you are more creative. He hums. bass humming
  • The second is dressed like a robot. The robot head could be a mask, because if you look, its hair is sticking out. The robot mask has a line to monitor its effects. Its head has a more brighter blue outlining on the top. The robots head has a dot on its side. Top of the suit is blue, but goes black. He makes robot noises: "O o o oOOO ooooooo oooo OHHoo
  • The third is wearing headphones. The headphones have an antenna on the left side, and a dot on the right. The inner headphones are darker blue. He seems to be wearing a "futuristic necktie". He makes do-do-do sounds, increasing in pitch, and lowers back down.
  • The fourth is wearing a futuristic bandana. The bandana has a speaker on it, also monitoring the effect sound it makes. If you look closer at the blue circle, it doesn't look like a perfect circle, but that is alright. It seems to have cyan "tubes" sticking into the back if you look closely. He makes a rough futuristic sounding roar: 'Roa-ror'
  • The fifth is wearing a futuristic seeker. He is also wearing a futuristic necktie-hoodie. His sound is similar to the first, but has a little beat to it. bass vocal

Version 4 LoveEdit

The effects are teal blue.

  • The first guy has a snorkel mask on his face and a towel draped over his shoulders. He made a bass sound like the first beat.
  • The second guy has an eye visor and a fancy jacket with a flower attached. He says, "It's early mornin'- don't feel alone" in a digitally altered voice.
  • The third guy has a sailor hat on. He makes a whistling sound.
  • The fourth has a robot costume on. He makes digital little sounds like "Or e e e oO".
  • The fifth is a guy with a sunglasses, beard, a robe, and a bandana. He says "WOW! ...duhbuhduhbuh."

Version 5 BrazilEdit

The effects are turquoise blue.

  • The first one has a hat and a suit with a tie. He does a kick and snare with some "mmm mmm" sounds.
  • The second one has a big hat and a shirt with a big drum. He makes "tic" and "cic" sounds.
  • The third one is wearing a beret, a mail shirt with a mail in his pocket and a scarf. He does a robotic tone that sounds a lot like a stratocaster.
  • The fourth one has sunglasses, a hat and a poncho. He makes a nice tone that sounds like a dulcimer.
  • The fifth has a big floppy hat, a bandana and an open suit, with no tie. He makes a cuica sound.

Version 6 AliveEdit

The effects are purple.

  • The first one has headphones and a short bandana. He makes a short electric guitar sound.
  • the second one is a robot. He does like this:"Popopopopopopopo... popo... pppoppoooo"!!!
  • the third one has owl eyes and a striped shirt. He says "Whoop!”
  • the fourth one has a seal mouth and some beads. The mouth seems to be a mask. He makes a bassoon sound.
  • the fifth one wears a VR headset (that means "virtual reality"). He makes a banjo sound.