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This is a list of beats.

Version 1: Alpha

Alpha Beats Incredibox.png

The beats aren't colored.

  • Lead: Beatboxes and makes a bass sound.
  • Deux: Beatboxes without bass sounds and makes a helicopter sound at the end of the loop.
  • Kosh: Makes clicking noises and inhaling sounds.
  • Shpok: Makes popping sounds.
    • This used to be an effect.
  • Tom: Goes "doogedydoogedydoogedydoom" at the end of the loop. The sound also goes from the left, to the right.

Version 2: Little Miss

The hat theme of Little Miss's beats are caps, but the symbols are faded from dark green to light green.

  • Boom: Wears an open hoodie. His sound plays once for the first round of the loop and plays twice for
    Little Miss Beats Incredibox.PNG
    the second one. The sound he makes sounds like a steam pounder. The sound he makes is 'Boom boom boom...'
    • The noise he makes could be a reference to the beat in "Drop It Like It's Hot" because they sound similar.
  • Kashi: Wears an open collar button shirt. His sound is the same for both loops. The sound he makes snare sounds like: "Kashi-tch ka pfu Kashi-tch ka."
  • Paomeu: Wears a hoodie. Unlike Boom, his hoodie is a sweater. The inside of the hood is visible. He makes rapid clicking noises throughout his sound along with beats and clicks. People believe this is an acidic beatbox.
  • Ptttpeu: Wears an open sweater-like shirt, with a dot on the side. He beatboxes with a smooth snare and a clean beat.
  • Slupttt: Wears a necktie shirt similar to Ptttpeu's one. He takes a deep breath and makes a sound of: 'Bo-do-do-do-docahhh... Dum doum dum.'

Version 3: Sunrise

Incredibox Beat1.png

The color theme of Sunrise's beats is mint green

  • Ballet: Has headphones, a shirt, a backpack, and a beanie. His beatboxes and sounds like 'ch-k-ch, ch-k-kchch'.
  • Kick: Has a hoodie and a baseball cap. He makes a repetitive kick sound.
  • Snare: Has a backward cap, sunglasses, a necklace with a record and a tank top over a black t-shirt. He makes a loud strong snare sound.
  • Lead: Wears ski goggles, has a hoodie and beatboxes in smooth beats and snares. The "Boots and cats" beatbox but more softer.
  • Charley: Wears what looks like 3D glasses, a shirt and has a bandana around his neck. He beatboxes by inhaling and exhaling and making cymbal impressions.

Version 4: The Love


The color theme of this version's Beats is creamy yellow with a hint of dark blue.

  • Kick: Has a robot outfit similar to Thomas Bangalter of the duo Daft Punk. He makes a robotic kick beat that stops and speeds up at the end of the loop.
  • Snare: Has a baseball cap with a record symbol on, headphones around his neck, and a vest. He makes a snare sound that goes like "push" that stops at the end of the loop.
  • Touti: Has a fedora, sunglasses, and a bandana. He sings ''touti-touti-touti toutidido-touti touti-touti-toutidido'.
  • Charley: Wears headphones and a t-shirt with an equalizer symbol. He does repetitive hi-hats.
  • Chatom: Wears a straw hat, sunglasses, and a small jacket. He makes an exhaling sound at the beginning of the verse, followed by a quick little scat. Then he makes two scats together and the last scat will go before the exhaling sound.

Version 5: Brazil


The color of Brazil's beats is yellow with a hint of dark green.

  • Poum: Wears a baseball cap with a toucan symbol on it. He has a vest and a watch on his wrist. He makes a kick beat, similar to Sunrise and The Love.
  • Creuki: Wears square sunglasses, a t-shirt, and a Bandana around his neck. He also has a small four-pointed star tattooed on his right cheek (a nod to Brazilian rapper and funk singer MC Guimê). He makes a Cabasa noise.
  • Shaka: Wears a sweatband, pill earrings, and a Brazilian football shirt (inspired by Neymar). The sound he makes is: "tikitikitakattikitikitatakitiki" repetitively.
  • Chouk: Wears a bucket hat and a tank top. He says "chouk chuku chouk chuku chouk chuku" repetitively as well.
  • Kaliak: Wears a visor, A hoodie and a necklace. He also makes cabasa sounds. He perfectly is in harmony with Creuki.

Version 5.5: Bite Size Beats

M&M Beats.png

The accessories of the beats are caps.

  • Ms. Brown: Tch kah kah- chi kah kah- chi kah kah-
  • Red M&M: Kick sounds that sound more like chikkis.
  • Yellow M&M: Clicking sounds.
  • Ms. Green: Chia-chia-chia.. with an echo.

Version 6: Alive


The color for the beats is navy blue with a hint of red.

  • Kick: Wears a baseball cap with the Japanese flag that expands whenever he makes a beat. He is wearing a bandana around his neck and a shirt with rope straps on his shoulders. He does a kick beat. Unlike the others, he makes beats in a pattern. The pattern is the same as the first melody's bass pattern.
  • Snare: Wears a bucket hat and a Happi coat. He makes a trap beat. he starts by making t-t-t sound with a snare. At the end of the loop, his eyeballs change direction every time he makes a "t" sound, and during the snare, his eyeballs cross.
  • Kanye: Wears a bear hat with fur behind. A cape and a shirt with a red and blue pill (a reference to the film Akira.) The bear's eyes light up whenever he makes a beat. He makes "pum-pum-ka-pum" sounds.
  • Tuctuc: Wears a kitsune/anbu mask and a suit with a patterned undershirt. He makes clicking sounds.
  • Break: Wears a visor and a suit with two things wrapped around him. He makes "badum-badum-badum boom" sounds as a drum after every loop.

Version 7: Jeevan


The color of Jeevan’s beats is bright orange with a hint of green.

  • Lead: Wears a turban that looks like a pumpkin and also has a mustache and a goatee. He makes pounding sounds similar to a hand drum. He seems to be wearing an orange vest and dark dark green undershirt.
  • Pouin: Wears a headband-ish turban with a loop tied around the back, a bindi on his forehead, and has a towel-like garment wrapped around his body. He makes a scat sound then he acts like a bell.
  • Tung: Wears a giant hat. He seems to have a gold and bead necklace and is wearing a towel over his shoulder. He makes snare sounds that go like "dnka dnk tnk tnk dnka dnk tnk tnk" repetitively.
  • Tabla: Wears aviator sunglasses, a teardrop shaped bindi, a mustache, a gold necklace, and a kurta. He makes repeated tabla sounds.
  • Tuduki: Seems to wear a Pheta turban equipped with two gears on the side and with a long tail. He equips a collared kurta sporting dark orange and green surrounded by black. He makes a fast drum sound.

Version 8: Dystopia

V8 Beats.jpeg

The color of Dystopia's beats is teal, with a hint of orange.

  • Atlanta: Has a jacket with a vest and a helmet with a gas mask with his mouth visible, he makes kick, snare, and a "k" inward snare sound. His file name used to be "Drumatlanta" according to one of the V8 trailers.
  • Tuctom: A morser box that resembles HAL 9000[1] from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It makes clicking noises and Tom noises with hi-hats.
  • FouBreak: Wears a robotic suit with a triangular mouth, he goes “da doum, ts, doum-doum kahtu! ts-dum doom........ fritiktetiotituda da dooom!"
  • Koukaki: Wears a futuristic suit and has a pyramid inside a dome in his head with robot goggles, he goes “koukaki, koukaku” on loop.
  • Koungou: Wears a robotic visor and a log-sleeve shirt with transparent woot, he goes like“Koungou koungou“ repeatedly.